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Survival Sets: OTG Med Kit

The Survival Sets On-The-Go Medical Kit

216 Piece First Aid Emergency Medical Kit with Waterproof Case 

- Made of nylon waterproof material to prevent internal first aid from moisture
- The internationally known medical cross symbol makes it easy to identify
- High-density ripstop, waterproof shell case
- Alloy zipper smooth and Durable
- Compact, lightweight, easy to carry

- Perfect for home/Travel/outdoors

Tourniquet & Heavy Duty Medical Scissors with Carry Case

- Premium adjustable, hook & loop tourniquet with handle to tighten up
- Heavy-Duty Medical Scissors
- Durable nylon carrying pouch can be mounted to pack or carried on belt  

4-Rolls of 2in Reusable Camo Wrap/Tape 

60' total length! Waterproof & Durable. Ideal for covering gear including optics, binoculars, flashlights, handles, canteens & protecting treated & covered injures

- Excellent as a Concealment aid
- Wrap and protect treated injuries
- Provides Insulation against cold surfaces (extremely useful on metal surfaces)
- Reduces Glare & Shine
- Suitable for cylindrical wrapped items
Reusable & leaves no sticky residue when removed
- Protects your equipment and improves grip
- Use for minor repairs on equipment

:  5cm - 2in 

Length: 4.5m - 3yds / 15'

Emergency Thermal Sleeping Bag 

- Sleeping bag design with small size, ultra-thin and lightweight, easy to carry and store.
- Helps to keep you properly insulated from the cold air
- Made of high-quality polyethylene, effectively keeps in 90% of body heat. Keeps you warm in low-temperature emergency conditions.
Orange to catch attention, an emergency life-saving necessity.
- PE material makes it lightweight, ultra-thin, can be folded, easy to carry.

Weight: 125g. 
Size: Approx. 200 x 91 cm / 78.7 x 35.8 inch

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