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Survival Sets Tactical EDC w/Bonus Slingshot

Survival Sets Tactical EDC PLUS Slingshot

EDC = Every Day Carry

Anyone can suddenly find themselves in an emergency situation. This set is a necessity when camping, hiking, skiing, traveling, or in emergency situations.
Great gift for the outdoor enthusiast, military personnel, campers, hikers, hunters or even travelers.

Set includes:
  • Slingshot / Rubber Band
  • Multi-Tool Card
  • Flashlight
  • Compass
  • High-frequency whistle
  • Portable key light
  • Tungsten steel defense pen
  • Large waterproof shock storage box
  • Keychain light

  • VARIOUS MULTI-PURPOSE PARTS - The whistle is made of aluminum alloy and produces up to 120 dB of volume. The tactical pen is prepared for breaking windows & throats in an emergency, can also be used for normal writing.

    SAFETY AND PRACTICALITY - Flashlight & key light are perfect during night time / dark hours. A durable acrylic compass (features 360 degree rotating bez) to guide your way through the mountains. Slingshot is perfect for the predator in you or even bugging the neighbors, and, of course, the keychain light is a perfect backup light.

    Please note: Due to limited quantities, limited to only 8 per household.

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